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Geico Insurance Promotion Code

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Geico Insurance Promotion Code

Postby 4N2NR » 07 Mar 2009, 13:16

A friend's wife works at Geico Automobile Insurance and they are having an employee contest. Call for a Free rate quote @ 1-800-342-9070 and (this next part is a must because the person you talk to might not ask) reference Promotion Code # 117956. You don't have to buy any insurance - just get a quote.

She is involved in a monthly contest. It doesn't cost you anything. It would help her out alot. The prize? His wife's team gets a pizza party if they win. Yay, a pizza party!
I put the FUN in dysfunctional!

Just tell her you are fixing it for someone and it is not yours and when they never show up to pick it up tell her you are keeping it for all of the work you put into it.
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