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Land Rover

The legendary Land Rover is British made and has a long-standing reputation for sturdy, reliable service. Since it was first manufactured in 1944 as an all-terrain vehicle, it has been in use by the British military for many years. It is one of the most highly advanced off the road vehicles made today, able to meet any driving challenge in any type of weather. Its modern technology features a terrain response dial that immediately adapts to road conditions, whether it's across sand dunes, frozen rivers, on safari in the jungle, or climbing mountains. Some of the latest models are being built at the Halewood factory in Liverpool, where quality is ensured. Land Rover even offers extensive training courses with qualified instructors at experience centers in the U.S., the UK, and in other countries around the world. This remarkable vehicle is considered the safest vehicle on the roads in the UK today, consistently maintaining a better safety record than its closest competitors.

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