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There are few auto makers with the lineage and historical importance of Bentley. The company started in January 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley as a manufacturer of engines and parts for British aircraft during World War I. While the beginnings of this brand are typical, its development has been quite unique. Popularity for the auto maker's cars was increased throughout the 1920s due to a legendary race from Cannes to London while driving one of the early sporting models.The Bentley brand name has been used by auto luminaries like Rolls Royce and Volkswagen to add higher class offerings to their dealerships. Rolls Royce owned the brand's line of luxury sedans for nearly 60 years in an effort to add an affordable option for customers who wanted a high quality vehicle. The Volkswagen Group purchased the brand in 1998 to bring the class, style and high performance of the company's V8 and V12 engines in their inventory.

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great durability