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  • General Vehicle Related Chat
    Put any and all general automotive discussion here. Feel free to talk about anything and everthing that is not a specific technical discussion. Specific technical discussions should go it the Technical forum.
    Subforum: Stolen!
    14 Topics
    24 Posts
    Last post by willrob
    10 Aug 2017, 04:10
  • Off Topic (non-vehicle related)
    Any acceptable topic that doesn’t belong in another forum. This is your place to talk about “it” - whatever “it” is. It is expected that the majority of the posts in here are not vehicle related. First, see if your thread belongs anywhere else on the forum. Then, stop and think about it a little more. If after your own personal double-screening of it and it doesn't belong anywhere else, put it here.
    Subforum: SEX Pistols Paintball
    18 Topics
    25 Posts
    Last post by willrob
    09 Aug 2017, 06:30
  • Photography/Video
    Here’s where you can post your pictures and videos. Don’t forget you also have a Gallery where you can publish your automotive collection. Post your non-vehicle photos and videos in here. Display your personal work, discuss equipment, techniques, editing, etc. Member rides, pictures, project threads, galleries and the like can go in here if you are showing off a technique or certain aspect. But...also see the Gallery link or Build Journals as they may be a more appropriate place to post your pics.
    22 Topics
    39 Posts
    Last post by 4N2NR
    27 Aug 2013, 09:23
  • Health/Fitness
    We are all about staying healthy and fit with supplements, exercise, stress management and more. We take good care of our vehicles and should do the same for ourselves. So, for all things related to fat or weight loss, muscle building, health, fitness, diet and exercise, weight training and body transformation put it in here. Tell us how you get your SEXy on!
    2 Topics
    5 Posts
    Last post by 4N2NR
    24 Jul 2010, 08:09
  • Music/Movies/Video Games/Entertainment
    Concerts, CDs, MP3s, Big Screen, NetFlix, Consoles, PC games, and all sorts of entertainment are in here for your enjoyment or amusement.
    2 Topics
    2 Posts
    Last post by 4N2NR
    16 Apr 2009, 17:07
  • Build Journals
    A vault for each member to start a thread to keep a journal of their vehicle and its progress over time. Only start one thread per vehicle and continually update it so others can easily follow your progress. This is the place to watch the progression of our member's projects. Start a thread on your vehicle build. Update it with progress. We love pictures too! Try to keep it to one thread per vehicle. You can have more than one journal.
    2 Topics
    13 Posts
    Last post by 4N2NR
    22 Apr 2010, 16:13
  • Saw Ya! (spotted someone or someone's vehicle)
    Did you have a “moment” when you made eye contact with another vehicle operator? Did you spot an extreme machine? Post your spotteds in here and maybe you’ll discover who it was you saw. This forum is for documenting sightings of street extreme vehicles on the road (or in parking lots). No rants or negative posts please, only people you think are on the site or you genuinely want to find.
    3 Topics
    4 Posts
    Last post by 4N2NR
    06 Jun 2010, 10:15
  • Competition/Racing
    Anything to do with legal automotive competition. Please, no street kill stories. We do not condone illegal street racing activities. We do like to hear about drag, drift, circle track, time attacks, autocross, ice racing and more. If you are competing then we are your fans. Share your news, tech tips, setups, or seek advice, etc. All topics welcome, including event dates, results, time slips, car setup, etc.
    3 Topics
    3 Posts
    Last post by 4N2NR
    20 Mar 2009, 20:33
  • Networking (Requests/Offers)
    Got something helpful to offer, or are you in need of something? Help each other out... Are you hiring, do you need a job, do want to borrow a special tool or maybe catch a ride from one place to another? Let us know what you need or what you can offer. Here's where we lend a hand and help another member out.
    5 Topics
    8 Posts
    Last post by 4N2NR
    17 Apr 2010, 07:36
  • Politics/Religion
    Two topics as old as time and discussed often. Some members are very passionate about these subjects. You can't be thin skinned if you are posting in here. Just a friendly reminder to keep it civil - no personal attacks. Come one, come all, lets talk about the most important subjects of all time - governments and churches. Everybody is welcome but please, no fist fights, no violence, nothing but healthy discussions and sharing of ideas. No doubt someone will take exception to your point of view.
    27 Topics
    31 Posts
    Last post by Hampton
    29 Jun 2017, 03:41
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