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Multinational Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki has 15 automotive manufacturing plants in 14 countries. Offering a wide variety of vehicles, especially Keicars and small SUVs, Suzuki's montage of vehicles extends beyond into motorcycles, ATVs and more. The Suzuki Loom Company was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki, which built silk weaving looms for the booming industry in Japan. With 120 patents and model rights for his looms, Suzuki began to look for ways to expand his company. In 1937, nearly 30 years after his first business was born, he began to make innovative prototype small vehicles. Everything ground to a halt during the Second World War, but after the war was over, Suzuki began experimenting again. He created the Power Free - a motorized bicycle. With that, the Suzuki Motor Corporation was born. Today, Suzuki vehicles can be seen everywhere, primarily SUVs and motorcycles with many small, efficient cars in the mix as well.

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