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General Motors

GMC, the General Motors Corporation, also understood as the GM Corporation has a total of thirty manufacturing facilities in the United States alone. In addition to the manufacturing facilities in the U.S., GMC has an additional thirty-three companies in 33 different countries around the world today. The company was built in 1908 and has grown to such an extent that it now employs more than 284,000 individuals around the world. GMC has its headquarters in the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan and manufactures an incredible assortment of trucks and cars. A year after the GMC company was formed it was merged with the Grabowsky Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. Later, in 1912 GMC trucks were presented to the automobile industry and GMC trucks remain popular trucks today. The current lineup of GMC trucks include the Sierra, the Acadia, the Yukon, and the Envoy. GMC also puts its label on sports utility vehicles and it is the second biggest selling vehicle division after Chevy.

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