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The interesting and colourful history of Citroën automobiles began. In 1934, Citroën presented their first front-wheel drive cars and started a revolution in auto production. André Citroën was born in 1878. A successful student, he attended the Polytechnical school in Paris and worked for some time with the car company "Mors". In 1905, at the age of 27, he founded his first company, "André Citroën & Cie", which was changed to "Société des Engrenages Citroën" (Citroën Cog Factory ) in 1913. From the beginning of 1932, the C4 and C6 were equipped with the "Floating Power" engine which was mounted in a new way, using a Chrysler patent. The engine was secured with rubber mounts instead of being bolted directly to the chassis, thereby eliminating major engine vibrations. The first cars using this new engine mounting were recognizeable with a stylized swan in front of the Citroën double chevrons. During the Paris Car Show of 1948 the 2CV was introduced. Smiled at by all, this comfortable small car of 375 cubic cm started a long life around the world. In 1955, we start to see the end of the Traction Avant. "La Déesse" , "The Goddess", was presented and the automobile world was once more astonished by Citroën. "This is not the car of tomorrow, it's the car of today. It's just that all the other cars are from yesterday..." was one of the publicity slogans. Indeed, it was and continues to be an unusual streamlined car - with front-wheel drive, height adjustable hydraulic suspension, power steering, semi-automatic gear box, one spoke safety steering wheel, and much more. It took up to 25 July 1957 until the last of the famous Tractions, an 11CV Familiale, rolled off the production line. Today, the owners and friends of the Traction Avant are united in classic car clubs all over the world. Spare parts are reproduced, meetings are held. In Switzerland there must be about 1000 of the varying Traction Avant versions left.

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