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From its founding in 1963 by the owner of the same name, Lamborghini has always represented quality in design, speed, and performance. Ownership changed hands several times after being sold by the original owner, but since 1998 the company has come under the Audi group of automobiles. These powerful sports cars are put together piece by piece in the factory at Sant 'Agata. Italian craftsmanship and German precision efficiency combine to manufacture vehicles with the superior power of V10 engines and the capability of delivering over 500 horsepower for the driver. To some extent, assembly line production has been modified, shortening the time spent at each station. There are more stations and more workers at each station, as well, which means less time is involved for each stage in the manufacture of the newest models. However, details and quality are not sacrificed by Lamborghini, and many components are still hand finished. New designs and modern technology only enhance the legendary eye-catching appeal and popular demand for these remarkable super cars.

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