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Daimler Benz was originally started in June of 1926. The company was a merger of Daimler and Benz. The two men were credited with the invention of the automobile. Benz is given the bigger credit, as he not only had an engine in his vehicle but a unique chassis for it to be mounted upon. Daimler's vehicle was an engine mounted to a carriage. With this merger of these two inventors; they began to market the Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz has been a respected name in the automobile industry since its inception. Karl Benz was credited with designing a true automobile with a chassis and an internal combustion engine. Since that early beginning the Mercedes Benz has been known for quality and reliability. Their reputation for both racing cars and road cars has a proud history. Their other vehicles like trucks and buses have also been noted for their quality. Many of the Mercedes Benz dealerships arose from the deal they had with Studebaker in the United States. When Studebaker ceased operations in the United States their dealers were offered the opportunity to become Mercedes Benz dealers.

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