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For a really streamlined design, the ideal auto manufacturer is a company with experience in designing machines with incredible drag coefficients. This is what Saab delivers, with car manufacture arriving after years of successful military aircraft manufacture. The first Saab automobile, the Saab 92, was created in 1937 as an effort to produce a new source of income once World War II ended and the need for Swedish military aircraft would begin to decline. This first model featured a two cylinder, two stroke engine and an incredibly streamlined design, and was the first of a new line of cars created by the Saab aircraft manufacturers. The company remained independent until 1990, when 50% of the automobile division of Saab was acquired by GM with the option to buy the other 50% in a decade. In 1995, Saab became profitable again for the first time since 1988, and in 2000, GM acquired the rest of the company.

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