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Nissan is the third largest Japanese automotive manufacturer and a significant rival to major American car manufacturers. The company began as Datsun in 1914, and first claimed its current name in 1932, as a manufacturer of trucks, engines and planes for the Japanese military. Under the name Datsun, the company offered small, fuel efficient affordable cars to many markets, including the United States, from the 1950's onward. Successful alliances with Austin Motors, Prince Motors, and today, Renault Motors have aided the growth and development of this major automotive power. After a downturn in business, Nissan is growing and thriving currently, producing both the standard line of cars, trucks, and SUVs as well as the powerful and luxurious Infiniti line. With a wide range of offerings, the newly allied company has mechanically sound, well made and fuel efficient vehicles available in a varied price range, meeting consumer demands for both style and function.

The Infiniti range of luxury cars and sport utility vehicles (SUV) were introduced in the United States by Nissan in 1989 to rival other Japanese brand presence in the United States. The brand's Q45 sedan proved popular with its four-wheel steer and an active suspension system, a first in an automobile. In 1997, Infiniti unveiled a luxurious mid-size SUV with off-road ability, the first non-SUV specialist brand to do so. After this, financial woes beset Nissan, which saw a drop in sales of Infiniti vehicles. Switching its efforts to building a range of impressive luxury automobiles, Infiniti rolled out the G35 entry-level luxury car/compact executive car to increased sales in 2003. Infiniti's current range includes compact executive two-door coupes/four-door sedans with four-wheel steering; mid-size luxury/executive cars; mid-size luxury crossover SUVs, and full-size luxury SUVs, all of which have a logo that draws inspiration from Mount Fuji in Japan. Nissan's current headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.

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