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A Japanese car company from the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Company Limited, Subaru is unlike other car companies - it is not named after its founder. Instead, Subaru is named after a Japanese word that means unite, as well as for the Pleiades (the Seven Sisters) group of stars, which shows six stars to the naked eye, with one being much brighter. The Subaru logo is exactly that, five small stars with one larger star, which lends itself to the formation of Fuji Heavy Industries. Before the Second World War, Fuji Heavy Industries was known as Nakajima Aircraft. When the war was over, the company split into 15 companies. In the 50s, five of the original companies combined as a transportation company - Fuji Heavy Industries. They adopted the Pleiades star sign as their logo as a symbol of their convergence. Subaru vehicles are known for high performance and for the turbocharged cars.

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