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Mitsubishi Motors is part of a larger Japanese conglomerate of corporations in a wide variety of fields, and has been involved in automotive manufacture since it produced the first series manufactured automobile in Japan in 1917. It is now the fifth largest Japanese automotive manufacturer and the thirteenth largest worldwide. While Mitsubishi has struggled with manufacturing problems and financial issues in the fairly recent past, it has a long history of developing profitable alliances with other automotive manufacturers around the world, including Chrysler, Volvo and Hyundai. Today, a variety of models, including a sports car, a sedan, a crossover SUV (or XUV) and a SUV are in the product lineup. These include the Eclipse, the Galant, the Outlander and the Endeavor. The trademark Mitsubishi emblem consists of three red diamonds, and predates the automotive division of the company by nearly a century after being chosen by the original founder of the Japanese conglomerate.

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