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Honda's are vehicles that typically have well planned designs, offer excellent handling, and such vehicles have excellence in terms of safety implementations and fuel efficiency. Honda is a company that was established by Soichiro Honda in 1948 and at first, the company's primary focus was the manufacturing of motorbikes. Later the company would move on to manufacture high quality automobiles during the 1960s, ideal for racing, and in the 70's the U.S. saw the first imported Honda ready for American roads: the N600. Even later, Honda began the production of its extremely popular Civic and in the later 70s the Accord started production. Honda continued to expand as the Civic and the Accord became increasingly popular, and now the company creates an entire line up of vehicles including sports utility vehicles, hybrids, minivans, and trucks. The headquarters for Honda is situated in Tokyo, Japan and the company earned revenue of more than 90 billion dollars in 2006.

The growth of the Acura luxury line throughout the world has been due to its involvement in auto car racing. The arrival of the Japanese luxury line in 1986 was the idea of Honda business executives who wanted to add a new line of sedans in the American market. Car racing experts and hobbyists who tinker with cars found this line's offerings to be the right vehicles for their needs. The competitive pricing, front wheel drive and safety measures make Acura a natural choice for the racing world. The line's mixture of sportiness and luxury has been put to the test at the grueling 24 Hours of Daytona in Florida. Racers with the International Motor Sports Association GT series have used coupes to compete against the best in the world. This subsidiary of Honda has stuck to their traditional V6 engine and added aerodynamic vehicle bodies to increase fuel efficiency while maintaining their reputation for luxury.

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