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The Swedish Volvo manufacturer trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial drive applications, aerospace components and financial services to this day. The company was founded officially on April 14, 1927 in Gothenburg. The company name means ?I Roll? in Latin and the company name was officially registered in 1911. The automobile creating offshoot company of the Volvo Group didn?t show any activity until August 10, 1926 after preparing 10 vehicle prototypes for release. The first Volvo Series, the OV4, left the factory line on April 14, 1927, which was cumulated as the official founding date of the company. The first Volvo truck came off the production line in January 1928, and then exported to Europe for the first time in the early 30s. The first bus was launched in 1934, and then aircraft engines were added to the product line in the early 40s. In 1998, Volvo Group sold the business end to Ford and focuses on commercial vehicles, however a variety of smaller vehicles are still produced for sale.

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