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The Jeep trademark was first owned by Willys-Overland, when the company shared with Ford Motor Company the manufacturing of the GPW (G - governmental, P - wheel base type, W - Willys-Overland) inspection vehicle for the United States Army in 1941. The company was purchased by Kaiser in 1953, which changed its name to Kaiser-Jeep a year later. In 1970, American Motors (AMC) bought Kaiser-Jeep and in 1979, began receiving investment from French automobile manufacturer Renault. Hit by financial troubles in 1987, Renault was sold to Chrysler Corporation, which merged with Diamler-Benz in 1988. The DiamlerChrysler Company LLC currently owns the trademark for Jeep' and the vehicle's distinguishing seven-slot front grille design. The Jeep' headquarters is currently based in Toledo, Ohio in U.S.A., and is known for producing sturdy yet stylish four-wheel steering Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), which are easy to maneuver and meet the requirements of the adventure seeker as well as a family unit.

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