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Hummer is a division of the General Motors Corporation and was first established in 1995. Hummer relies on the slogan, "Like nothing else" and indeed these vehicles are utterly unique: the Hummer is actually a vehicle that has its design derived from the Humvee, also known as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. At one time the Hummer was created by AM General Corporation and the first Hummers were introduced in Europe. In the early 90's the SUV was later marketed as a Hummer and General Motors purchased the brand rights in 1998. The Hummer lineup first started with the H lineup and began with the H1; a vehicle that's purpose was for off road driving. Later the H2 and H3 soon followed. The H3 offers amazing off-road capabilities as well as on road driving and smooth handling; the latter vehicle is considered an midsized vehicle, one that offers 20 miles per gallon in terms of fuel efficiency.

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