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Cadillac automotive manufacturers are responsible for many innovations in the automobile industry. Cadillac was the very first manufacturer to establish the mass production of automobiles possessing a V-8 engine configuration. Cadillac cars were also the first automobiles to be produced with automatic starters; no longer relying on a hand crank, Cadillac manufactured cars that relied on the electric starter invented by Charles Kettering in the early 1900s. Meanwhile, Cadillac manufactured fully enclosed vehicles and was the first car manufacturer to do so in 1914. In the late '20s, Cadillac established the very first manual transmission complete with synchronizers and thereby massively improved the Cadillac's drivability. In addition, in the 40s, after meeting with Henry F. Phillips, Cadillac began to rely on the use of the Phillips screw to increase the efficiency and speed of their car-manufacturing production line: again, Cadillac remained the first in the automotive industry to do so.

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