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Maybach one of the original suppliers to Zeppelin of diesel and gas engines is today selling the custom made Maybach in association with Mercedes Benz. These very high-end cars are designed with the back seat rider in mind as far as comfort is concerned. Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl Maybach started Maybach in 1909. After 1918 they became the maker of classic cars that were custom made for the buyer. This continued to 1940. They also built large diesel engines for marine and railway clients. During the war they built tank and boat engines for the Wehrmacht. After the war the market for luxury cars was non-existent so they survived by building engines for the French. Move forward in time and the Maybach name came back to life in an association with Mercedes Benz and again started making custom cars. After the early 2000s the new opulent Maybach was again being sold in the United States. This car is marketed in direct competition with the Rolls Royce.

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