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Over 100 years ago the Italian company Maserati, the manufacturer of racing and sports cars was started in 1914 in Bologna, Italy. A family of six brothers started this company. Three of the brothers were builders of Grand Prix cars for Diatto until this company stop making racing. Maserati's long association with racing and its ability to build winning cars has earned a very good reputation as a car builder. Maserati won the Indianapolis 500 in both 1940 and 1941. After 1957 Maserati still built racing cars for others, but concentrated in building road cars that competed with cars at the high end of the market. Meanwhile the company has been bought and sold several times. It has been owned by both Citroen and Fiat, and then owned by Ferrari and then repurchased by Fiat. In early 2002 Maserati began again selling its high-end models in the United States. It has also re-entered the racing scene.

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